Iberia Airlines Christmas Gaming Campaign

Creative Direction, Digital Campaign, web & Apps

Iberia Airlines Christmas Gaming Campaign

Social Media Marketing campaign & Facebook Advergaming Development for Iberia Airlines.

I developed Social Media engagement strategy and social Facebook-API game working for Grow agency (Madrid, Spain). I managed the interactive creative team at Grow and I was responsible for guiding the development project from inception through to final delivery.

The application was hosted on a tab in the Iberia Airlines profile on Facebook and the application had to be authorised in order to play.

These were the game instructions:

You should vote for one of the proposed Iberia destinations as the preferred place to spend New Year’s Eve to be chosen from the 47 cities displayed by the application. In addition entrants will have to choose three Facebook friends who they will share that night with. The friends should accept the invitation to be valid participation. Each player can only create a group and vote once for their city, invited friends should accept the invitation only, may not vote for the city. Also, friends can form your own group and invite 3 people to choose.

The three cities which get the most votes will be the winners. 3 winners will be drawn out of all the people who voted for the 3 cities which get the most votes. These winners will receive enough Avios to fly to the city voted for along with the 3 friends they have chosen. Each player will have unlimited opportunities to vote for their city.

The winners were selected using the script programmed for the application that randomly selected the winning user in the chosen city. Once the competition was closed, and with the prerequisite that they had chosen the city to get most votes as their destination, one of the entrants was randomly selected as the winner.

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